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​​​​About us​

The study of gender focuses on analysing the power relationships which exist between women and men. The Gender and Religion programme seeks to bring such analyses to bear on the varied religions and cultures which exist globally but with a special focus on Africa.  We invite you to be a part of the research, teaching and community engagement, within the only formalised programme in Gender and Religion offered in Africa.​

Vision and Mission of the G&R Programme

The vision is to offer an academic space where creative and critical thinking and reflection on the gendered nature and practice of religious traditions can occur.

The mission of the programme is reflected in all its activities and in its very existence, from programme and curriculum design to mentoring relationships, research, academic support and community engagement. Students graduating from the programme will have competencies in:​​

  • Identifying the critical gender, social and cultural issues facing religious and faith communities within the African context;
  • Undertaking theoretically sound, empirical and non-empirical research in the fields of gender and religion.
  • Bringing their individual and communal history and experiences to bear on gendered issues such as HIV, poverty and violence amongst others.

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